What Is It About?

Happy Hour VIII is an international interdisciplinary conference focused on the research of esotericism and alternative religious movements. In other words, we warmly invite scholars such as historians, religionists, ethnologists, librarians (...), who are engaged in topics such as hermetics and occultism; history of religions and religious movements; Freemasons, Martinists, Rosicrucians, and other secret societies; the Unity of the Brethren, Theosophical Society, Universalia, and other public societies; witchcraft trials, alchemy, astrology, and so on.

We emphasize that the conference is primarily a scientific matter. However, representatives of associations and organizations who can contribute to the discussed topics are also welcome.

Live streaming is a new feature of this year's edition. The lectures will be streamed online. It will also be possible to present a lecture via video conference.

The accompanying program will once again consist of cultural and tourist events.  For example, you can look forward to the exhibition titled "Contemporary Czech Hermetics in Photographs and Artefacts".

When and Where?

This year's conference will take place on the last weekend of October, specifically
October 27th to October 29th, 2023, in Brno

The conference will be held at the Jiří Mahen Memorial, which is a historical three-story villa with a garden. The first floor of the villa hosts a public library; on the second floor, the Jiří Mahen Museum is to be found; finally, in the former attic, the lecture space of the conference is located. There is also a small natural amphitheatre in the garden. All of these spaces will be open and available for conference purposes during Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the library will be open to the public, while the rest of the spaces will remain accessible.

How to Participate?

You can participate at the conference as a speaker or as an attendee. For active speaker participation, please do disclose your presentation proposals from June 12th to August 6th. Selected topics will be announced by August 10th. Speakers are exempt from the conference fee.

Attendees can register to participate from August 15th to September 30th. During this time, a registration form will be accessible.

Number of participants physically present is limited to 50 people, including 12 speakers.

The conference program will be published prior to the start of attendee registration.

You can find detailed information on the Registration page.